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Bound by Desire welcomes women who have a genuine and positive interest in BDSM play with other women. For our purposes, we define “woman” as someone who is at least 21 years of age and who lives 24/7 as a woman.

Bound by Desire is based on the spirit of acceptance and celebration of diversity; therefore, we do not discriminate based on race, ethnic or religious background, age above majority, sexual orientation, gender expression, or physical disability.

To become a member of Bound by Desire, you must first become a pledge. To attain Pledge status, an attendee must attend 3 BbD events (such as a social), provide proof of age, affirm that she lives 24/7 as a woman, sign a BbD waiver, and submit an application for Membership containing 3 positive Leather references.

Contact a Bound by Desire board member on the requirements to become an member.

Bound by Desire expects our members to respect the sexual choices of other members.

By genuine interest, we mean that prospective members must have a real and personal interest in BDSM. By positive interest, we mean an acceptance of BDSM as a valid and worthy sexuality.

Membership and attendance in Bound by Desire shall be treated as confidential. Violations of confidentiality, safety or consensuality are grounds for revocation of membership. Membership is a privilege – not a “right”. Women who are unsafe, violent, grossly irresponsible or dishonest are not welcome in Bound by Desire.

Pseudonyms, or scene names, may be used.

Bound by Desire reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who does not meet our qualifications. We reserve the right to decline membership without stating a reason.

BbD Principles of Conduct (pdf)